Monday, November 30, 2015

Problem Statement and Research Question

GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) are banned/restricted in over 60 countries around the world, including Australia, Japan, and every country in the European Union. In America, however, GMO’s are widely used in America and were approved by the government. GMO’s were approved by the government because of studies conducted that “prove” the safety of GMO’s. The studies, however, were conducted by the same people that created GMO’s and that profit from the sale of them [“GMO Facts: Frequently Asked Questions”. Non GMO Project, Web. n.d]. There is a record of more than 2,000 studies which prove that GMO’s are not detrimental to human health, yet there are still many questions about whether they are safe or not, regardless of the extensive number of studies done. [Entine, John. “29-year study of trillions of meals shows GE crops do not harm food-producing animals, humans”. Genetic Literacy Project, Web. 10 September 2014]. 53% of Americans know almost nothing of GMO’s. One fourth say they have never even heard of them. A survey was conducted, and 59% said there should be a label on food products as to whether they are genetically modified, even though most of the participants knew very little about GMO’s; the term “genetically modified” have a negative connotation on its own. [Branson, Ken. “Most Americans Pay Little Attention to Genetically Modified Foods, Survey Says”. Rutgers Today, Web. 1 November 2013]. Only 26% of americans believe they have consumed a product that has been genetically modified, even though 80% of processed food contains GMO’s. There are no such laws that force food products to have a label stating that they contain GMO’s. On a positive note, GMO’s can, in the future, greatly reduce the use of pesticide. There is also proof that GMO’s have the ability to make food more nutritious. GMO’s can help adapt crops so they can survive drought and an increase in pests. [Battelle Staff. “Five Good Reasons To Support GMO’s”. The Battelle Insider, Web. 27 March 2015]. Despite the evidence of GMO’s being beneficial, it is still a subject that is highly debated today.

Research Question: Does the general public know enough about GMO's to determine whether they are beneficial or detrimental? 

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